Overwatch: New Mercy challenge event rewards you with a legendary skin

The cover of 'Valkyrie' (picture: Weekly Reviewer)
The character Mercy in a lab coat

Overwatch Mercy recall event is happening, here is one of the three rewards from this event (Picture: Stevivor)

The newest Overwatch recall event is live for all players allowing us to earn a multitude of Mercy themed rewards.

From now until the 2nd December players will be able to both play and watch games of Overwatch in order to win prizes, prizes that include:

Recall Event play prizes:

  • Win three games: Earn a Dr Ziegler icon
  • Win six games: Earn a Dr Ziegler spray
  • Win nine games: Earn the legendary Dr Ziegler skin
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Recall Event watch prizes 

  • Watch two hours of Twitch: Earn the ‘On the clock’ spray
  • Watch four hours: Earn the ‘Healing Touch and Hanan Sprays’ sprays
  • Watch six hours: Earn the ‘Suit Fitting, Late Night and Ascent’ Sprays

The new challenge also comes with some new lore in the form of a short story ‘Valkyrie’ by lead writer Michael Chu. The story takes place just after Overwatch ended and tells the story of how Mercy ran away to help people. I’ve read the story, and we love it, and it is worth your time to read, and you can find it here.

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So, will you be grinding for these new sprays and skins and reading the new story? I know we will be.

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