Overwatch Bastion LEGO figure revealed

Overwatch Bastion LEGO figure revealed

As of late, LEGO and Blizzard will be releasing a set of LEGO figures based on the Overwatch series. First off, Bastion is the first figure to be introduced as shown above. Additionally, Bastion’s figure is available to order online on Blizzard’s website.

Most importantly, The first set of figures will be exclusive to the Blizzard Gear Store upon the arrival of Blizzcon next month. In addition, the Omnic Bastion LEGO set will be $25 with the finished product standing at 4 feet tall.

Not to mention, the Bastion LEGO set will also come with pieces to build Ganymede the bird buddy of Bastion. Apparently, LEGO and Blizzard starting working together back in May. In fact,  earlier this month we were shown a preview of the LEGO creations with Tracy as a build of the colorful blocks.

Though it should be interesting to see the rest of the characters that will be revealed as part of this first set. Comment below on what you think of the new Overwatch LEGO figures. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, a new Blackout trailer has been revealed.

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