Overwatch 2 Story Length “Like You Would Expect From Any Triple-A Blockbuster Game”

Blizzard have invested plenty of time into the PvE gameplay to bring the Overwatch universe alive for their fans (Picture: Blizzard)

Blizzard has invested plenty of time into the PvE gameplay to bring the Overwatch universe alive for their fans, in an Overwatch 2 story mode (Picture: Blizzard)

Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 at Blizzcon earlier this year. On top of the expansion on the already thrilling PvP gameplay from the first game Blizzard announced a PvE story mode. This has been asked for by fans of the franchise for a long time now. Overwatch 2’s story length has now been teased by director Jeff Kaplan.

In an interview with the Washington Post Jeff Kaplan says the game will feature, “a complete story experience like you would expect from any triple-A blockbuster game.” This indicates that Overwatch 2’s story will be of “significant” length. How long this will be exactly is still unknown but what we can take from this statement is that the story mode will keep fans entertained for a decent amount of time.

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Blizzard could also be looking at expanding on the story mode with post-release content. Blizzard has a reputation for releasing a lot of post-release content. Fans of the franchise have been vocal that Blizzard should have just expanded on the original game. Hopefully, with the PvE game modes getting a lot of content from Blizzard, this will please upset or worried fans.

The first instalment of the Overwatch franchise covered a lot of the lore with short videos detailing the Overwatch universe and the characters. The story mode looks to build on this and allow players to experience this first hand. Many fans got invested in the Overwatch universe and have been crying out for something like a story mode. With Blizzard putting a lot of effort into this game mode fans can be pleased that Blizzard is putting more emphasis on the lore of the Overwatch universe.

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If you want to see more on the Overwatch 2, click here and check out an extended look at Overwatch 2 gameplay.

Are you excited for Overwatch 2? What do you think of Blizzard emphasising the story mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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