Outer Wilds is releasing on PlayStation 4

Outer Wilds on PlayStation 4 soon (Picture: Mobius)

Outer Wilds on PlayStation 4 coming soon (Picture: Mobius)

The open-world spacefaring exploration game Outer Wilds is making its way to the PlayStation 4 and will be available very soon on 15 October. This title was initially crowdfunded and was released on PC via Epic Games Store and came out for the Xbox One in May.

For those of you who are unsure what, Outer Wilds is, you are an astronaut about to set off to explore space while also trying to solve the mystery of why a specific phenomenon is about to happen, and if possible, can it be thwarted?

Time is a crucial factor as you don’t have long to explore before this cataclysmic event occurs. You have to solve the mysteries of this event and stop it from happening over lots of trials and errors.

On the official PlayStation Blog, it announced the release of this space-exploring adventure and urgers gamers who have not yet played this title, to not watch anything about it and play it for yourself – as it’s one of those experiences that it’s best played first hand.

Outer Wilds is releasing on PlayStation 4 on 15 October.

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