Old School Runescape has reached 5 million downloads on mobile

Jagex has confirmed recently that Old School Runescape on mobile has already reached 5 million downloads. It’s quite impressive knowing it debuted on the platform back in October of last year.

In celebration of the eighteenth anniversary of the game Jagex announced the good news upon us.

“This achievement showcases our living games philosophy: bringing deeply engaging community experiences to players wherever they are,” said CEO Phil Mansell of Jagex.

“We find that the more we listen to, engage with and empower the community, the more [it] fosters a true connection; with each other and with the games.

“The big increases we’re seeing in both membership and active users show that we’re not only able to bring new players into RuneScape, but we’re [also] able to offer the kind of rich, evergreen content that keeps them engaged for the long term.

“With this success, we’ve continued to increase investment levels to expand our games, as well as bringing in a slate of hugely talented people to join us in development, technology and publishing.”

It’s funny how a build of the game from 2007 still holds up over ten years later. On top of that, the game also reached past the $1 billion mark in revenue over the holidays. For the most part Jagex is doing pretty good for themselves.

They hired on more staff and their annual Runefest saw more attendees as of late. Honestly, it’s hard not to like Runescape for a free MMORPG. Comment below on what you think of the Old School Runescape hitting five million downloads. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media.

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