Obsidian has a new game coming to Game Awards

Obsidian has a new game coming to Game Awards

The Game Awards has become a big platform for developers to announce their newest projects. This year will be no different as Obsidian will be one to keep an eye on as they make known their next undertaking. Other pre-announcements have been made already leading up to the award ceremony, such as Crystal Dynamics’ Avengers project.

The Game Awards is going to air on Thursday, December 6 and will feature awards for a broad range of categories, like Game of the Year, Best Narrative, or Games for Impact, which is given to the most “thought provoking game with a profound pro-social meaning or message”, according to The Games Award offical website. Fans can show suppport for their favorite games of 2018 by voting here.

Fallout Infinite?

Rumors are already swirling for Obsidian’s new game. Gameinformer has reported an alleged sci-fi game with its own countdown on the Obsidian homepage. Obsidian has teased the new game with a poster advertising what looks like a steampunk plasma pistol. It also says “it’s the Spacer’s Choice”. Is this gun ad implying that the player will be joining some sort of group of space explorers?

After skipping the countdown on Obsidian’s wesbite, you can see the reveal of a line of Auntie Cleo’s food and beauty products. There is bread, energizing ointment and skin creme. The fourth item is obstructed so it’s more difficult to figure out. It looks it might be old-fashioned shampoo since it has a pump and its “charcoal”. The suffix “cill” is also noteworthy. The first “anthro” is Greek for “human”. It could be anthrocillin, but I’m not sure. These products are very much shrouded in mystery, but maybe they offer some sort of buff or stat increase.

The aesthetics and presentation of the countdown, product line and gun poster screams homage to Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite. The art deco poster of the Auntie Cleo products and the early-20th century, carnival-barking style of slogans are reminiscient of the world of Rapture. The gun has some similarities to the model of the Fallout weapons. Could we be seeing a Bioshock and Fallout mashup in space? That’s my personal prediction, but only time will tell.

Will you be watching The Game Awards? Which announcements are you looking forward to and do you have any bold predictions about some of those announcements? Let us know what you think in the comments.

In other news, Nvidia has teamed up with Fortnite.

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