Observation is Going to be Epic Games Store Exclusive

Observation, developed by No Code will be released on May 21st on PC and PlayStation 4.  If anyone had witnessed Observation was on the Steam store page, but has been pulled recently.  It has been announced by Devolver, who has confirmed that Observation is going to be Epic Exclusive.

It seems that everyone is going to Epic Exclusive, as they are competing with Steam.  The following studios, Remedy Entertainment and Heart Machine, are some of the studios who already committed in launching their PC games as Epic Games Store Exclusives, for now.

We are unsure if any of the games that are Epic Exclusive at the moment will later go to any other platforms or stay with Epic.  What is everyone’s thoughts on these games going to Epic instead of Steam?  Comment below!


Scott Hurd
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My name is Scott Hurd and I reside from eastern Pennsylvania. I have my Master’s degree in Criminal Justice. I have a passion for video games and always wanted to do something that included video games.

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