Nuketown Is Back!! And It Has Brought Double XP With It For a Week!

Nuketown Is Back!! And It Has Brought Double XP With It For a Week!

Nuketown is back for Xbox and PC and it has brought Quad Feed with it. Double XP for MP and Zombies, Double Tier Progression for MP, Double Merits for Blackout, and Double Nebulium Plasma for Zombies. If you needed a reason to play Black ops 4 this week, I think Treyarch has delivered.

Nuketown has been available on PS4 for a week now but the Quad Feed is for everyone now. Nuketown has been in every Black Ops game and is an indisputable fan favorite. It was even a Zombies map back in Black Ops 2

The maps have always been themed in the times and settings of the story line. Black Ops had a cold war era style, Black Ops 2 had a town of the future style, Black Ops 3 encapsulated on the virtual reality theme that ran through the main story. In Black Ops 4 we have a sort of pseudo story based around the grandchildren of Alex Mason. Mason was the original Black Ops Protagonist and featured as a playable character in Black Ops 2. In reality, it is a chance to practice with the available specialists in MP. Black Ops 4 Nuketown has a winter Soviet Russia theme, the first time that Nuketown has not been in sync with the single player story setting.

Don’t Forget Blackout

Nuketown was present in Black Ops 4, while it wasn’t a map for MP or Zombies you could land in the area in Blackout. What Treyarch have done, to really celebrate Nuketown’s return, is made zombies spawn in the area in Blackout. It is not the most popular landing spot so hopefully, this will increase foot traffic in the area allowing more concentrated carnage.

If you are reading this between 20/11/2018 and 26/11/2018 then the event is still on. Get online now and get playing for double the rewards.

What do you think about the return of Nuketown and do you have a map that you like more than Nuketown in the call of duty franchise?

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