No Man’s Sky “Visions” trailer revealed

No Man’s Sky “Visions” trailer revealed Recently, a new trailer has been revealed or No Man’s Sky. However, this new update revealed wasn’t suppose to come out this early. Regardless, Visions will add the following new features to the game:   Greater Palate Variety: Exotic new worlds make exploration more exciting than ever. 5x Planetary Biomes: Planets are more varied, vibrant, and colorful. Rainbows: Visual enhancements include improved skies and atmospherics. Launchable Fireworks: Celebrate events with new constructible fireworks. Collectible Exploration Trophies: Collect rare artifacts as trophies of aliens worlds. Procedural Crash Sites: Raid from procedural crashed freighters. New Fauna: Encounter new bizarre and otherworldly new life forms. Salvageable Scrap: Debris and alien technology can now be salvaged and sold. Rare Lucrative Skeletons: Archaeologists can unearth ancient life forms. Global Community Missions: Community Missions now share progress globally. Storm-Activated Crystals: Explore extreme climates to collect precious new materials. New Base Parts New Emotes Of course, the last update to the game was The Abyss which wasn’t that long ago. Honestly, its great to see Hello Games come a long way since when the game came out two years ago. For example, players resented the fact that Hello Games promised so much at first and didn’t deliver. Sadly, the gaming industry looked at the game at an example of what not to do with promoting a game and updating it. Comment below on what you think of Visions. Also, if you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news, Kingdom Hearts 3 has gone gold. Kingdom Hearts 3 goes gold   Advertisements