No Man’s Sky Beyond – Full Release details

No Man's Sky Beyond details

No Man’s Sky Beyond is a gigantic update, adding so much to the base game, we will have all of the details here for you today. Firstly, this update releases today on August 14th! However, this update will be the only significant update for a while, as they will be focusing on a smaller series of focused updates.

The major things added to No Man’s Sky are the use of VR, and multiplayer. Both are interconnected so you can play with friends who are using VR; they have no qualms with who is using what. You can explore together, build bases together, go on death-defying missions together, plus a plethora of other things!


No Man’s Sky Beyond is now the perfect time to pick up the game again and try out all of the latest features- as a new player or a seasoned veteran.

Here is just a brief summary of what you can find in BEYOND:

– Virtual Reality support
– VR user Interface
– VR user interactions
– VR controller support
– 16-32 multiplayer
– Multiplayer missions
– Ambient multiplayer
– A new social hub
– New traveller NPCs
– Dynamic NPCs
– Alien Languages
– New alien encounters
– Technology trees
– Gameplay Balance
– Discovery Page overhaul
– Planetary Charts
– Creature taming/riding/milking
– Multiplayer missions
– Cooking & Recipes
– Cooler Aliens
– Improved base building
– Power & Logic & Industrial Bases
– Optimisation
– Starship enhancements
– First-person exocraft driving
– Vulkan
– PC graphics options
– Expanded controller support
– Sitting
– Version 2.0

Are you going to try out this new update? Does this make you want to try and give the title another chance? Let us know in the comments below!

No Man’s Sky developers, Hello Games are also interested in bringing the game to the Nintendo Switch.

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