Nintendo will Replace any Recently Purchased Switch with the Updated Model

Nintendo replace older Switch

Nintendo replace older Switch

If you have recently brought a Nintendo Switch within a month or less, you can contact Nintendo, and they will replace your model for the updated model with improved battery. According to posts on Reddit, Nintendo of America have been telling customers to contract Nintendo and send in their Switches for a replacement for no extra cost for the console, but the unit must have been purchased after July 17th to apply.

Nintendo has affirmed this offer with Polygon, telling them customers will have to cover shipping and insurance costs themselves but nothing extra towards the console, if they want to take advantage of this offer.

However, at the moment there is a catch, this deal is only available to the residents of the US and Canada, and we have heard no details if the rest of the world will receive such an offer. At the moment, there is no time limit, so those who have brought a Nintendo Switch recently, hop on this offer and replace it with the newer version.

If we hear any more details we will be sure to let you know!

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