Nintendo unveils its VR experience

With all of the talk around the Nintendo Switch getting into the VR game, everyone has been wondering what form it might take. Well, the wait is over, Nintendo has announced that their venture into VR will be part of the Lobo cardboard line of switch accessories.

The Main VR kit will cost you $79.99, the kit will include the VR goggles, a blaster gun, a camera, and an elephant. It will also come with a screen holder and a safety cap.

The less expensive version of the kit includes the goggles and the blaster. All of the individual accessories can also be purchased for $20. In addition to the accessories the kits will come with software, games, instructions and the Lobo garage where you can build your own creations.

While its probably not the exact VR everyone was hoping for when the rumors were going around, it’s still a very cool little idea Nintendo has going, and I’m sure it’s only going to grow from this platform.

The Nintendo Lobo VR kits will be available on April 12th, 2019.

Do you like the idea of the Switches version of VR, or where you hoping for more? let us know what you think in the comments below

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