Why is the Nintendo Switch cracking?

Is this a serious issue?

Photo credit: Kieran Fifield

The Nintendo Switch has stolen our hearts for going on two years now and as with all new relationships, we must go through the one thing no one wants to deal with, baggage.

Recently it had been noted that Nintendo’s stock had dropped five percent which has a lot of spectators wondering why that happened in the first place. Some thought it was Nintendo’s lukewarm E3 presentation while others saw that some investors weren’t impressed with what Nintendo was doing as a business model. I think now people have found the culprit.

As of the past week or so there have been people posting pictures of their Nintendo Switch with some cosmetic damage. Cracks located on the back of the system and the venting portion of the top it. What seems to happen is that when the Switch is in dock mode and is used for various hours the system heats up quite a bit. When the user is done with the system from that session it cools down which leads to the bite marks you see on these systems here.

In fact, Nintendo did a poll asking Switch users on if they have cracks or not. While the majority doesn’t have this issue  a quarter of the users who participated have this issue.

This could be a serious issue for Nintendo and Switch users a like with this potentially being the next Red Ring of Death of the Xbox 360 debacle. Switch owners under warranty are having their consoles fixed in the time being. However, Nintendo does have to figure out how to approach this issue with future sales to see how they can prevent it from hurting their momentum from their debut year with the Nintendo Switch leading into this console generation.

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