Impressive Switch Sales Figures Announced!

Nintendo Switch

The Switch Has Sold Over 22 Million Units Worldwide

The Nintendo Switch, The Nintendo Console that was only released last March has been a massive success for the company.

As of now, the console has sold a massive 22.86 million units. Compared to the Wii U hardware sales, these are numbers are astonishing. According to Nintendo, the Wii U sold 13.56 million units worldwide.

Of course, the Switch still has a long way to go to catch up with the Wii, DS, and 3DS. The Wii and DS surpassed 100 million units alone!

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Switch Console

Recently, the Switch hasn’t actually had many major first party releases. Especially if you consider the fact that Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey released back in 2017.

Despite this, the console sales have still been good. Also, assuming Nintendo is able to keep pleasing fans with releases next year (Such as Animal Crossing, Super Smash Bros and Pokemon). Those sales figures are likely to continue growing.

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In other news, some new information on Fortnite gifting has been leaked. Check this out below!

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