Nintendo Switch Outsells SNES in Three Years

Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch has quickly outsold the loveable SNES. (Picture: Nintendo)

Nintendo is definitely no stranger to raking in some overwhelming numbers when it comes to sales. With the SNES, for example, we’ve watched the beautiful rise and soar of one of the most influential home consoles of a generation. But now, as the latest figures have been tallied and the profits have been charted – a new milestone has been crossed. The Nintendo Switch, has, in fact, outsold the SNES over an incredible three-year lifecycle.

Since its 2017 launch, the Nintendo Switch has sold a total of 52.48 million units. These include all editions of the console – mainly the original which has sold a whopping 47.3 million in total. On top of this, Nintendo has enjoyed a further five million sales with the fresher release of the Switch Lite. So, with these large stats, the Switch has effortlessly skipped past the SNES by over three million units. That’s right – the SNES sold a total of 49.1 million since its 1991 release.

As we said, Nintendo is no stranger to reeling in the big bucks. They’re also undeniably consistent when it comes to keeping on top of the trends and giving gamers the works they hunger for. Because of this, Nintendo reigns supreme – as always. And we can most definitely expect those figures to skyrocket to monstrous heights before years end, too.

Will the Nintendo Switch hit one hundred million sales by 2021? (Picture: Nintendo)

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