Nintendo Switch Online services launches in September

Online NES Games!

Nintendo has announced that their online service for the Switch will be ready next month. Details on what the new online service are as follows:

It will include typical online play for those preexisting games. Online play for 20 NES games for the first time ever which sounds amazing! A save cloud will be available as well as an app for the service.As well as special offers as with any other service. The pricing is setup in a nicely cheap fashion. The image below details the memberships deal that will be perfect for your preference and situation.

Thoughts and Feelings

While Nintendo has been subject of criticism in recent years with constant repurchasing of the same titles every time Nintendo releases a new console this service does seem decent for what it is. Nintendo did state not to long ago they were seeking to have households with multiple Nintendo Switch consoles, the family membership makes sense for that. I do feel their inclusion of older titles is more picky these then the days of the Virtual Console. It’s sort of like the approach they took to the NES and SNES Classics with including a handful of games to keep you satisfied while pushing hard for their new titles. While that does make sense there is a crowd though who just like retro titles. However I shouldn’t live in the past, what happened back in the days of Wii may not work today as well as it did then. It’s too early to judge this service before it even comes out, if Nintendo does listen to fan’s requests and advice and pick the proper ones to apply to it’s service they should be fine. They’re a clever bunch, maybe not to the liking of everyone but they are unique for sure.

Comment below on what you think of the Switch Online service. I hope you enjoyed this article, in other news here is a list detailing the top ten horrors games of all time.

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