Nintendo Switch Lite Announced!

The long-rumored Nintendo Switch Lite has been announced!

Gracing the internet with one of its signature videos, Nintendo unveiled the Switch Lite. Check out the video!

As you can see, the system does not look all that different from the Switch.

The major difference between the Lite and the Original Switch, or Switch Prime if you will, is that the Lite will not work with a TV. Nintendo has leaned fully into making this a dedicated handheld device.

With handheld gaming in mind, the Joy-Cons have been removed. In their place, built in controls have been added. They are similar to the Joy-Cons with a few exceptions.

First, all motion sensing hardware has been removed. This includes the IR sensors and the HD rumble features. So, any game that focused on Joy-Con game play, specifically 1-2 Switch, will not work on the Switch Lite. The back of every game box will show whether or not the game requires the use of Joy-Cons.

Secondly, Original Switch owners will no doubt be jealous of the left directional buttons being replaced with a more traditional directional pad. Anyone who has played the NES or SNES Classic systems can attest to how good it feels to play games with the classic directional pad.

The Lite will launch in three different colors: gray, yellow, and turquoise. Later on down the line, it would be interesting to see a breakdown of how many of each color were sold.

Speaking of selling, let’s talk price point! The Switch Lite is currently priced at $199.99, while the Switch Prime is $299.99. While, it would have been nicer on our wallets to see the Lite launch for $150, this price feels fair. While everyone will have an opinion on it, getting a dedicated handheld Switch for $100 less seems appealing. To be honest, I only really use my dock for charging purposes anyway. However, it still feels good knowing that I can put my Switch Prime up on the big screen if I wanted.

Let us know what you think of the Switch Lite.

The Nintendo Switch Lite launches on September 20th, 2019.

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