Nintendo is in hot water over usage of conflict zone minerals


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In recent years there has been a shift to ethical resources on the production side of corporations. It’s not obscure to the public that companies would resort to taboo sourcing, production and distribution methods to keep their boat afloat. Nintendo does fall into this group I’m afraid.

The company is once again being attacked for not updating their supply lines and continues to source minerals from conflict zones. This was brought to attention from within Nintendo’s 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility publication. Although this was not forced upon, publicly-traded US companies file reports with the Securities and Exchange Commision about the origin of the minerals used in their products.

The minerals sourced by Nintendo allegedly come from conflict regions within Africa. The groups involved in Africa purportedly resort to slave labor to mine the minerals and then sell them to fund armed conflict and continue the struggling conflict of human rights abuse. The minerals mined here do include gold, tin, tungsten, and tantalum, materials that Nintendo requires to produce their products.

Though this a hardship companies like Nintendo must endure at the time being. They do need push the chance to ensure suppliers are bringing supplies from conflict free zones. To do this a annual survey must be sent by the company to the suppliers, who then report back about whether smelters or refiners have been certified in conflict-free zones by the Responsible Minerals Initiative. However based on recent reports Nintendo has not been proactive to the situation

As far back in 2014, Nintendo was only able to certify 47 percent of its suppliers weren’t committing human rights violations. This number was increased in 2016 to 72 percent and went to 76 percent in 2017, with a 100 percent survey return rate. Of 339 smelters and refiners supplying Nintendo, 320 met standards and 256 of those were certified or currently in the process of being certified.

According to the 2018 publication, Nintendo at this point in time has provided no real indication about whether or not it intends to improve their supply situation. Compared to other companies Mircosoft is ahead of Nintendo while Sony falls behind. Apple remains as the company with the highest rate with using ethical resources as a mean for production.

Comment below on how you feel about this situation. I hope you enjoyed the article, also in other news 2k is also not looking too good with their business model.

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