Nintendo France will now repair Joy-Cons even if the warranty has expired

Nintendo France to replace faulty Joy-cons.

The Nintendo Switch is an amazing console, however, it does come with issues, mainly to do with the Joy-Cons. Now for those who are unaware, the Joy-Cons have something called Joy-Con Drift, which basically means that even if you are not touching the Joy-Con, the analogue stick will still move due to the drift.

Now it is such a big issue as it stops you from playing most games as you will always be fighting the drift. The issue is that bad that Nintendo France was called out by a French Consumer Rights Association. 

After being called out by the French consumer rights association, Director of Nintendo France Philippe Lavoué going into detail about what Nintendo plans to do about the situation. As when speaking to French news outlet Lemonde. 

Lavoué, stated that Nintendo is “Aware” of the situation and they plan to arrange repairs or replacements for any faulty Joy-Cons even if they are out of warranty.

“We are aware of recent reports, but to the knowledge of Nintendo France, the number of cases is extremely low,” said Philippe Lavoué in response, this January 8. He also explains that Nintendo has given “specific instructions” to its after-sales service and to its partners so that the defective controllers can be repaired or replaced without difficulty, and “even when the commercial warranty has expired” .

Now, this is fantastic news as previously Nintendo France stated that they would refuse to repair any Joy-Con if it was out of warranty unless you paid for them to be repaired anyway. So luckily the French Consumer Rights association called them out and they are now changing the way they handle faulty Joy-Cons.

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