Nintendo Earns More Than $1 Billion From It’s Mobile Games

Nintendo Mobile Games Revenue Hits $1 Billion
Nintendo Mobile Games Revenue. (Picture: Nintendo).

Nintendo has generated more than $1 billion from its six mobile games, according to Sensor Tower. This huge figure accounts for worldwide revenue across iOS and Android. Altogether, the six games have exceeded more than 452 million downloads around the globe.

61 percent, (which amounts to $656 million), of the revenue from mobile games comes from Fire Emblem Heroes. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp makes up another 12 percent, ($131 million), and 11 percent for Dragalia Lost which took in $123 million.

It’s enough money to make your eyes water!

However, despite Fire Emblem Heroes only pulling in 18 million downloads, the game still raked in the most profit. This means it works out at an average revenue-per-download of $41. Elsewhere, Mario Kart Tour is responsible for 8 percent of Nintendo’s mobile games revenue, ($86 million).

Meanwhile, Super Mario Run (still Nintendo’s most-downloaded mobile game ever at 244 million downloads), hauled in a sum of ($76 million), accounting for 7 percent of total revenue. On the other end of the scale, Dr. Mario World amassed a glum sum of 1 percent in total revenue, ($4.8 million). Still a decent amount, in all fairness.

54 percent of the game’s revenue came from Japan, ($581 million), followed by the US, ($316 million).

In other news, Nintendo recently submitted 39 trademarks to be renewed. Titles include Animal Crossing: City Folk, Kid IcarusSuper Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario World. Check out the full list at the link here.

The move to renew trademarks has prompted hopes that remakes of games will be on the way from Nintendo, and plus, considering the length of the list, something may be coming sooner than we think. Fingers crossed.

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