Nintendo Direct spoils Smash Bros fans rotten

This is too much Smash!

Nintendo is in full Smash Bros frenzy as of late focusing their efforts on promoting Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the singular highlight from today’s Nintendo Direct. Though it may seem dull on paper, when you actually watch the direct and what new features the game will include is seriously worth your time to check out this version of the ongoing franchise.


Sakurai is starting off strong with the inclusion of the Castlevania franchise to Super Smash Bros. The direct starts off with a trailer introducing Simon Belmont facing off against the Grim Reaper at the expense of Luigi I’m afraid. Simon will have his own Echo fighter being Richter Belmont. His stage will be none other than Dracula’s castle along with Dracula himself being a assist trophy. Dracula’s castle will also include extensive fan service with various bosses from the Castlevania series.

Echo Fighters

Speaking of Echo Fighters the direct also included two more with Chrom from the Fire Emblem series and Dark Samus, the antagonist of the Metroid Prime series. It’s also noted that on the character menu the echo fighters can be displayed by themselves or in the top right corner of the character it’s an echo of.

Stage Morph

All of the previous stages are set to appear including New Donk City as new ones. With a total of 103 stages that can played in either battlefield or omega forms is outstanding. The newest feature is the stage morph option where you can select two stages of your choosing and have them connect together throughout the battle. So let’s say your playing in the first stage, at some at highlighted set of platforms will take you to the second stage to continue the duration of the match.


With over 800 tracks in the game you can organize the music as your playlist as you go about. In stages you can only use tracks designed with that stage however. So for Star Fox stages you can only play Star Fox tracks. Also you can create your own playlist while having the Switch off and play music as if it was like any other music player.

Battle Features

Various new battle modes details include a zoom in feature to Sudden Smash. This zooms in on the players to create extra tension in the bout. Stage selection now comes before fighter selection to help you pick a proper fighter for the stage. Speaking of fighters if you lose the battle with the fighter you chose you can’t pick that fighter again the second time creating a chess like system to picking fighters with friends for a number of battles to see how each other match up to certain characters. A Final Smash meter is also new helping you gauge your Final Smash as an option. For example as you play your meter will fill up and you can use a weaker form of the Final Smash. Tournaments returns as they call them “Tourney”. Also new is “Squad Strike” which can be teams of five or three versus each other for victory. Classic Mode of course returns remaining it’s regular form of facing opponents one after another. Training mode will also include a new grid look to see the exact details of how strong you can attack and how far the fighter goes and so on.


Also new is some items which have a wonderful creative spin on them. Like the banana gun, the killing edge, a very powerful sword, a bomber that walks until you lick it to blow up surrounding fighters while doing no harm to yourself. Death’s Scythe from Castlevania which acts like the homerun bat from the original Super Smash Bros and many more. Also new pokemon will make an appearance here like Exeggutor, Abra, and Solgaleo from Pokemon Sun to name a few.

Assist Trophies

Assist trophies has an increase in their roster as well with the likes of Zero from Megan X, Bomberman, and Grey Fox from the Metal Gear Solid series. The Moon from The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and also Rathalos from Monster Hunter will appear as well as the first boss and assist trophy hybrid.

More to come

So this is what the main menu of Super Smash Bros Ultimate will look like. If you notice in the bottom left hand corner that the green selection is blurry. It’s been noted that this feature will be revealed at a later time as well as more characters and features.

Oh and one more thing

Before the Nintendo Direct came to a close one more character was revealed. King K. Rool of the Donkey Kong series will appear in the game. With alternate costumes from his appearances in the Donkey Kong Country series as well as his Final Smash being an homage to Donkey Kong 64. Comment below on what you make of this overwhelming amount of content. Super Smash Bros Ultimate releases December 7th for the Nintendo Switch. I hope you enjoyed this article. Below is the Nintendo Direct for you check out. In other news the Snobby Shores Treasure Map was discovered in Fortnite recently.

Snobby Shores treasure map location revealed In Fortnite

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