Nintendo Direct brings new games to Nintendo Switch + More!?

Nintendo Direct

Next Nintendo Direct Coming January 2019!?

Recently, ‘Gaming INTEL’ has received some exclusive information via an anonymous source. The source claims that there will be a Nintendo Direct taking place in January 2019.

The source states:

“There is a Nintendo Direct planned for January, I’m working to gather more information on it as of now.”

Following on from this statement the source also said:

“I was told January 10th from one source. This hasn’t been cross checked between sources. Most of my other sources are still undecided on an exact date, but certain of a Nintendo January Direct.”

We are yet to gather any further information on the event, however it looks as a Nintendo Direct will be happening very soon. Prepare for a few surprises! I’d expect updates on Nintendo’s big games, more news and some new titles to be announced.

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Nintendo Direct Expectations

Some upcoming Switch titles

As we are aware, Game Freak and Nintendo are looking at releasing a Pokemon RPG in 2019 it would be nice to get some more information on this title. This said however, that information may come at another upcoming event.

As for other new games… I’d expect Yoshi’s Crafted World and Luigi’s Mansion 3 to get a mention, hopefully with confirmed release dates… Also, Animal Crossing Switch should be ready for a proper reveal… Come on give us a proper trailer already!

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Not forgetting, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This was last seen at E3. Hearing more about this would be a nice little treat… I am sure there will be more announcements and games revealed for 2019. Things are looking up for the Nintendo Switch as sales continue to rise so do the number of (good) games for the console.

We’ll keep you updated should any further information be released, What would you like to see come to Switch? Leave us a comment and let us know. Some other recent news tells us that the Frostbite Engine could bring an awesome lineup to the console… Take a look at this below!

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