Nintendo Could Be Releasing More Poké Ball Plus Controllers?!

Nintendo look at bringing new tech with the Poke Ball Plus controllers for the Switch (Picture: Japanese Nintendo)

Pokemon has been one of Nintendo’s flagship franchises for years. It has been one of the most beloved franchises in gaming, as well. We all want to be Pokemon masters, and Nintendo gave us that chance. Back when they released the Pokemon Let’s Go games, they released a Poke Ball Plus controller alongside it. It looks like Nintendo now are looking at making more of these controllers as they have just applied for five (yes five) patents in Japan.

Due to the success that the Poke Ball Plus had when it was released with the Pokemon Let’s Go, it has lead Nintendo to look into trying to make more of these. Whether these mean we’ll be getting more Pokemon Let’s Go games or if they are going to be included in other Pokemon games is still unknown. The controllers didn’t work for Sword or Shield, but you could still use them to gain rewards by walking with your Pokemon.

Nintendo is yet to release an official statement, but Japanese Nintendo has reported that the company has applied for the patent. Here is a short overview of the controllers: “The patents aim to properly arrange components in a spherical controller, to enable various operations using a game controller, to properly arrange components in a spherical controller, to improve the degree of freedom for a structure for light emission in a game controller, and to provide a game controller in which components are properly arranged in a substantially spherical game controller.”

The Poke Ball Plus controller works and acts like a standard joy-con controller for the Switch. It allows players to use motion control to actually catch Pokemon in-game (and in Pokemon Go). It gives the player a sense you have actually caught it even lighting up and giving off its cry in the ball. The controllers had great success and brought a new way of playing for fans of the franchise, and it looks like Nintendo wants to offer this experience more for fans.

What do you think of the Poke Ball Plus controllers? Are you excited that more are getting released? Let us know in the comments below.

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