Nintendo and Blizzard; Diablo port start of something new?

The Diablo port onto the Switch, revealed earlier this week, is particularly encouraging for the future of the console. According to Peter Stilwell, senior developer at Blizzard, talking to Kotaku, the game took just nine months to develop. Diablo 3 is the first Blizzard game in over 15 years to make the jump.

The rapid development of the Switch port bodes well for the companies future partnerships. Overwatch would be a huge get for the console, and Nintendo appear to be doing their best to foster that connection. The game certainly is nowhere near being confirmed, but Blizzard has at least said it would be feasible. Switch owners will have to be content with Paladins, the less popular hero shooter by HiRez for now.

According to the aforementioned Kotaku article, Nintendo was all too happy to provide assistance in troubleshooting for Diablo. The biggest issue according to Stilwell was “conversion on the graphics side”, but Nintendo helped every step of the way. Stilwell was happy to explore the architecture of the console;

“Without going beyond [the Diablo port], I think it was a good exploration into the platform and into the relationship with Nintendo that has been extremely positive, extremely healthy and forward-thinking.”

Equally important to Diablo’s development is game developer Iron Galaxy. This development company had much success porting Skyrim to Switch and would appear to be making something of a name for themselves on Switch. They also had a decent success porting Crash Bandicoot NSane trilogy to PC, but becoming a specialist Switch port company would be a wise move looking at current trends.

In the interview, Stilwell mentioned that what he hopes from the port is that Diablo III will have another chance in the limelight. He said,”it’s not just that version of the game you knew right after launch“. As can be seen with Skyrim’s resurgence lately, and DOOM, a switch port certainly can give a new lease of life to an older game.

Have you played any ports that got you into an older game? Or are you excited to see Nintendo building bridges it hasn’t used in a while? As always, leave a comment below and join the discussion!

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