Nier: Automata has surpassed 4 million copies in sales


Deemed the best action game of 2017, it was just released that Nier: Automata has reached more than 4 million copies sold both physically and digitally. And as a contributor to those sales, I can personally say that this game is worth every penny.

To anyone unfamiliar with the title it is an RPG/ Hack n Slash/ Run n Gun/ Arcade Shooter with Androids and  Anime, with a compelling story. Think if Defender, Alita Battle Angel, and Final Fantasy had a Baby, that’s basically Nier: Automata for you. Amazing!

“It’s fair to say it’s keeping the lights on at Platinum,” noted designer Takahisa Taura.

Below is some artwork release by the team to commemorate this special occasion.

Also stated by producer Eijiro Nishimura was this,

“The two years since Nier: Automata was released have passed by in a flash”.  “and in those two years, we’ve hit four million sales. That’s a new number in PlatinumGames’ history for sure. It’s all because of you fans out there who’ve continued to support us and Nier: Automata. I sincerely thank you!”

Have you had the chance to play this smash hit? If so let us know, if not you are seriously missing out!



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