Niantic Introduces Three-Strike Policy to Prevent Cheaters in Pokemon Go

Niantic has now introduced a new policy to give cheaters a chance to reform before being banned permanently.

Niantic wishes to keep their active-player base by maintaining a level of trust between the developers and their fans. When it comes to cheating, either through illegally changing the GPS location or accessing the accounts of rival trainers, Niantic has promised to offer a three-step process to deal with these potential troublemakers.

The First Warning
If any act of cheating is caught by Niantic, a disciplinary warning is issued to the player. This is done through the game’s messaging board. As well as a message, gameplay will be slightly degraded in either one of two ways:
• Chances of catching rare Pokemon may decrease.
• Exclusion from EX raids may happen.
These hindrances will last for a total of seven days. Afterward, the regular settings and gameplay experience will be restored.

The Second Warning
Once the second instance of cheating has been detected, the player will temporarily be suspended from their account. If the player tries to log in, they will be greeted with a message stating how they are now locked out. There will be no way to go any further than this message.
This state will last for an extended 30 days until afterward it will be restored.

Final Warning
If you have received both warnings and continue to cheat your account will be permanently banned. There will be no more chances and no time limit to restoration.

Along with the policy, Niantic issued a statement saying, “Everyone can make mistakes. That’s why we have created this policy to enable offenders to learn from their mistakes and change their ways”. This three-strike system is designed as more of a friendly warning system rather than a persecution. Although, Niantic have reported that in more serious transgressions, they will be willing to forego the strikes and opt to immediate expulsions.
If you believe this is a fair policy in the prevention of cheating and overall, inappropriate behaviour in games, comment below and let us know if you other methods in mind.

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