New Trailer Hits For Upcoming World War Z Game

A new trailer has appeared for the upcoming World War Z game by Saber Interactive.

The trailer focuses on intense multiplayer action. On display were teams of four wielding the typical assault rifles and shotguns used in your average zombie killing game.

World War Z is touting something new in the hopes of setting the game apart from the run of the mill zombie shooter. The trailer mentions gameplay that has been classified as “PvPvZ” because players will not only be fighting each other, but also hordes of zombies. Check out the trailer below!

While at first glance, World War Z looks VERY similar to Left 4 Dead, the PvPvZ mode could be a game changer. Four player co-op was fun but fighting against other live humans while trying to survive a fast-moving zombie horde sounds hectic and terrifying. This also opens up new avenues for strategy. Once new information comes out about the game mechanics, it won’t take long for players to figure out how to use the zombies themselves as a weapon.

Where’s the Lobo?

Fans of the novel will note that the game is centered around the use of guns, rifles, and shotguns. One of the plot points in the book was that traditional guns were not effective enough to stop the hordes. Enter the “Lobotomizer”, or “Lobo” for short. The Lobo was an easy to manufacture hunk of steel that was part shovel, part battle axe. Sadly, the filmmakers decided to leave the Lobo out of the movie. In the above trailer, at approximately the 0:39 mark, players can be seen using melee weapons against the zombies. However, the weapon of choice looks to be more of a machete than the coveted Lobo. Here’s hoping fans will get to see and use one of the most formidable sounding weapons in zombie-dom.

That does NOT look like a Lobo.

Apparently, ThinkGeek used to offer a Lobo-wannabe, but it is currently unavailable. Probably because it is one intimidating piece of hardware.

More in-depth information on the game can be found at Saber Interactive’s site.

World War Z is slated to release sometime in 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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