New The Wonderful 101 Remaster Reaches Kickstarter Goal In Minutes, Coming To PS4 and PC

Cover art of The Wonderful 101
New The Wonderful 101 remaster reaches Kickstarter goal in minutes, coming to PS4 and PC

As of the 3rd February, Platinum Games have announced The Wonderful 101 remaster is in the works. They announced this with a Kickstarter campaign at around 10 GMT on the 3rd February. This occurred after plenty of teases from Platinum Games, their Kickstarter being created and a 4chan leak that, retrospectively, turned out to be true. They set a fairly modest goal of $45000. This was beaten in minutes.


As well as the standard pledges like getting a copy of the game, a copy of the soundtrack or an extra key chain, it also comes with those typical astronomically high ones for people to gawk at. Our personal favourite being the sold out ¥165,000 version. This comes with some cool things such as a physical comic book, a replica red jacket and, most importantly, entitles you to one free block on twitter from Hideki Kamiya himself. But alas, these are entirely sold out. 

165000 Yen PLedge

The Wonderful 101 165000 Yen pledge

Saying this, at around £30 to back the starting pledge, this is definitely worth it

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Stretch Goals

Stretch Goals For the wonderful 101 Kickstarter

The Wonderful 101 Stretch Goals

The Stretch Goals promised some very interesting things. The strangest of which being a PS4 version. This is incredible to see and certainly not something we would have expected around the time of The Wonderful 101’s original release. Luckily this stretch goal was reached in just two hours meaning there is a confirmed remaster coming to Switch, Steam and Playstation. No news of a possible Xbox port has been announced as of yet. After reaching this, they announced the further two stretch goals. These included a time attack mode(intended for speedrunners) and a new 2D side-scrolling adventure entitled “Luka’s first mission.” It’s incredibly exciting not just to see The Wonderful 101 get as much love as it deserves but also to see they are actively working on furthering the universe. We can not wait

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Moving on from here, it’s undeniable this is great news, but it doesn’t explain the Platinum Games 4 site. This was not used for the Wonderful 101 but was mentioned in their tweet. Perhaps there is more to be announced in the future?

What do you think? Are you happy to see a remaster coming or would you prefer something else from Platinum Games? Let us know in the comments

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