New Splinter Cell game on the way?

Splinter Cell
You play a Splinter Cell cross-over in Breakpoint

Sam Fisher is still alive and kicking!

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I have been speculating about a new Splinter Cell game for ages! Being a big UbiSoft gamer I’m generally up-to-date with what’s coming (I play Ghost Recon, Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Steep, to name just a couple). For anyone that plays Ghost Recon: Wildlands or Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, then you will also know that Mr Fisher has been busy with Nomad.

When Ghost Recon: Wildlands started adding extra missions, me and my buddy over at Cookiecast (check out his podcasts) were excited. First, we got the Predator mission, which even had the 80’s soundtrack and spooky jungle exploration. It was called ‘The Jungle Moved’, and it really did, Predator did not go down lightly! Then in the next mission, we got ‘Operation: Watchman’

splinter cell

splinter cell might be coming back!

In this mission, Sam Fisher is deployed to Bolivia in order to recover sensitive intelligence data from a rogue CIA Agent. When I and Cookie played this we were sure that it was a precursor to a new Splinter Cell game. It was even voiced by Micheal Ironside, who once said in an interview ‘I am Sam Fisher’ (The actor was out of the last game due to a series of health issues. He is better now) But alas, no announcement from UbiSoft appeared. We enjoyed the mission and unlocked the cool Fisher-style gear and forgot about it (almost).

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A couple of years later we got Breakpoint and again there are a couple of cross-over missions with Sam and Nomad, also voiced by Ironside. So with all that going on it seems normal that there would surely be another Splinter Cell game? Right?

So what now?

It’s worth noting that the last full game was out in 2013, which may as well be in the last century as far time is concerned. So where is this latest rumour from? A few days the Italian voice actor Luca Ward said in an interview that he believes the concluding episode of the franchise is in the works at UbiSoft.

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Sadly this information is unofficial and after watching the recent UbiSoft event, there was no mention of Splinter Cell. Also, Luca Ward has led fans on a merry dance before, and in 2018 he had to apologize for dishing out misleading information. So at this point, I would say that a new game IS in the works, what with all the cross-overs and all. But with all the turmoil at UbiSoft, I will wait until they announce it officially (or if Micheal Ironside says so).

On the plus side, if you are looking for a Fisher fix, you can unlock him in the upcoming mobile game: Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, which is out on the 27th of August on iOS and Android.

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