New Resident Evil Project In The Works – Could It Be Outbreak?

Capcom is teasing a new Resident Evil game to be announced soon and shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, for now simply known as PROJECT RESISTANCE (emphasis on the “RE”). We won’t know until it’s announced, but a few leaked screenshots of the teaser trailer seem to indicate that the game may be related in some way to Resident Evil: Outbreak, either as a sequel or a remake similar to the recent remake of Resident Evil 2.  Twitter user @Nibellion shared the high res images here:

These gorgeous screenshots seem to imply that the game will (as expected) also be using Capcom’s amazing “RE Engine”, which was used in Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil VII and Devil May Cry V – all fantastic games in their own right, with gorgeous visuals to boot.

So… could it be Outbreak?

Outbreak has evolved into somewhat of a cult classic in the much-beloved RE series, with many fans wishing for a remake or another game that follows the online co-op gameplay style of Outbreak. Now, these screenshots featuring multiple possible protagonists have fans hoping that this might finally be coming true. Some are pointing to the possibility that the game will simply be a spiritual successor to Outbreak, but I personally believe this could definitely be a remake of the 2003 remake.

Stay with me here. Let’s look at this screenshot in particular.

Now, let’s talk about Outbreak. The original Outbreak had 8 characters. Let’s meet 4 of those characters, from left to right: Yoko Suzuki, Jim Chapman, David King and Cindy Lennox.

See the resemblance? Sure, it’s not exact, but the character types still seem to fit. Besides, it’s not like Capcom aren’t known to redesign a character, especially within the Resident Evil series. This, of course, maybe mere coincidence, but it’s definitely interesting to think about.


If it were a remake, would it also include the content from the sequel, Outbreak: File 2? Would it keep the original’s fixed-ish camera angles or would we get a third-person camera like the RE2 remake? We’ll know soon enough since the teaser trailer airs at 9:00 PM UTC on the 9th of September. When the time comes, you can live-stream the trailer here:

This all comes after reports that Capcom was testing a new game in the works earlier this month, via the Resident Evil Ambassador Program.

You can check out the new game’s teaser site here. Are you excited for PROJECT: RESISTANCE, whatever it may be? Are you hoping it’s something Outbreak-related, or something new? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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