New Ranch Simulator Gameplay Trailer

Ranch Sim screenshot
Be a rancher in this upcoming simulator (Credit: Excalibur Games)

Yeehaw! Build out a ranch with your friends in Ranch Simulator

IGN’s Summer of Gaming continues, and it started off with a gameplay trailer for Ranch Sim. In this latest video, you get a look at some of the hunting and building mechanics in the upcoming simulator.

“It was once your grandfather’s pride-and-joy, but your family ranch has fallen on hard times, and it’s up to you to turn things around,” reads the game’s description. “Sitting in a remote forested valley, the dilapidated homestead will test all your abilities as you attempt to turn it into the most prosperous ranch in the region.”

Players can play alone or up to three other friends online as you build out your ranch. You can destroy and build around your area in an intuitive system that is often seen in the genre.

You and fellow ranchers can take care of your livestock by feeding and breeding your animals.

When it comes to hunting, the open-world allows you to explore for big game to hunt. Watch out; you are not invulnerable to the wildlife.

Ranch Simulator will launch on PC in 2021. You can add it to your Steam wishlist now.

What do you think of the new gameplay trailer for Ranch Simulator? Let us know in the comments.

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