New Rage 2 Trailer Shows Gameplay and Hoverbikes

Bethesda has just released more footage showcasing gameplay of the upcoming Rage 2.

The video clocks in at about 9 minutes and provides our best look at the game so far. The environment looks incredibly detailed with the lighting of a low setting sun casting appropriate shadows across the wasteland. Even without a controller in hand, the shooting has a very satisfying look to it. Enemies take solid hits and go down with ease.

Or up. There is a definite verticality to the gameplay. The footage showed the player using some abilities that would launch enemies off ledges or up into low Earth orbit in a way that is reminiscent of the Mass Effect series. One difference though was that the player was able to use the abilities on themselves as well. At the 4:50 mark, the player throws something/activates an ability at the ground, which launches them into the air.

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The weapons seem standard fare at first, with the player using the tried and true assault rifle and shotgun combo. But at 1:15, something magical happens. The player pulls out a glaive-type weapon and locks on to an enemy IN MID-AIR. What! The throw kills the highlighted foe before he hits the ground.

Everything is better with Hoverbikes

As awesome as that looks, we need to address the elephant in the room: the Hoverbike. Vehicles have always been a staple in the Rage series, but the hoverbike adds a whole new dimension. Flying seamlessly from one location to the next, the player followed some Mad Max looking cars and trucks as they drove on their merry way. There were no weapons to note on the hoverbike, but one can surmise that there will be other air vehicles that can be able to rain destruction down upon all those who oppose us.

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After the lackluster launch of Fallout 76 and all the bad press regarding the nylon bags, Bethesda could really use a win. This Rage 2 gameplay looks like they are on the right path to recovery. However, keep in mind that this is pre-beta footage. The game could (and probably will) change some before it is released.

For more information on Rage 2, visit Bethesda’s website.

Rage 2 is scheduled to launch on May 14th, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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