New PS5 Reveal Event Coming Soon

PS5 Reveal Event
New PS5 reveal event could be coming soon (Picture: Sony)

Another PS5 reveal event is rumoured for August

It seems like another PS5 reveal for exclusive games could be coming in August. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips reminded fans on Twitter that Sony has a ‘State of Play’ in the works. This event would come shortly after the Xbox Games Showcase and may be a response to this event in particular. The PS5 event will reportedly feature both first and third party games, similar to the main reveal event a few weeks back.

Sony has left a lot about this event undetermined, which may be a good thing. With the exact date still undecided, Sony can judge based on the success of the Xbox reveal event. Also, there are many potential games to be announced. Playstation fans noticed some major absences from the first reveal, and some of these gaps may be filled in August. God of War 2 is a game that has seen more and more teases. As well as this, a Silent Hill remake for PS5 has gained a lot of traction. Rumours have spread that Sony will announce Silent Hill in 2020, and this may be the perfect time for it. It’s worth noting these are only first-party games; there could be a number of new and exciting third party exclusives announced.

God Of War

God Of War

Also, its important to consider Sony’s strategy for “winning” this console generation’s release. With rumours of a pretty high price for the PS5, an excellent slate of games is key. Sony will have to show that next-gen Playstation exclusives are superior to those of Xbox. This upcoming PS5 reveal event will be key in bolstering the games coming to PS5.

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