New Pokemon Sword and Shield details revealed!

Pokémon Sword and Shield 18 gyms
Pokémon Sword and Shield 18 gyms sadly is not true (Picture: Nintendo)

Ever since they announced that more Pokemon Sword and Shield information would be dropping on the 7th I have been long anticipating for it. Finally, more details about these upcoming titles are now officially released.

A new Team and New rivals are coming into Pokemon Sword and Shield! Fight Team Yell, who will be the evil team in these titles and are super-fans on one of your new rivals! This rival is called Marnie, and the other is called Bede.

New Galarian Pokemon forms just like in the region of Alola, in Pokemon Sun and Moon!

  • Galarian Weezing!
  • Galarian Zigzagoon!
  • Galarian Linoone who evolves in Obstagoon!

And a brand addition Form-changing Pokemon! Such as a new Pokemon called Morpeko! Morpeko is an Electric/Dark-type Pokemon with two different forms; he has a Full Belly mode and a Hangry mode, which when the form changes the element of Morpeko will change too! Morpeko in Full belly form is Electric, and in Hangry Mode he is Dark!

You can watch the trailer of this new information below!

Pokemon Sword and Shield are releasing on November 15th for Nintendo Switch. Will you be picking up the new Nintendo Switch Lite limited-edition versions?

Are you looking forward to these new Pokemon titles? Let us know in the comments below!

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