New Microsoft mobile controller patent revealed

Just a few days ago we got some interesting news. A new patent was revealed from Microsoft for a controller that can connect to smart phones. Though we don’t know the name of the new device we do know that a patent was submitted for “removable input modules”.

The controller, which has several detailed sketches to accompany the patent, includes many of the same features that they have for the Xbox gaming controllers. It comes in two haves that clip onto each side of a smart phone.

The patent supposedly includes built in speakers, a headphone jack and wireless headphone support. When applied the controller will look very similar to the switch.

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Designer Sarang Sheth stated that the product was “Designed for immersive landscape gaming, the controllers come with two flippers that hold your phone gently but securely from the sides, while memory-foam pads make sure they don’t press any buttons.”

They also said “These side flippers are ideal for phones with no bezel, because this makes sure the controllers don’t overlap the screen from the left or right. Both halves of the controllers connect to your phone via Wi-Fi to deliver a seamless gaming experience that’s absolutely lag-free.”

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Lag-free eh… Yeah, there is no such thing as lag free so, let’s see what happens. Either way the switch may want to get ready, because A new challenger approaches!!! Check out the concept below.

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