New Laser Tag Park acts as a Fortnite clone

Fortnite Laser Tag

Expect a lawsuit

A company in the UK decided to open a Fortnite laser tag park in Leicestershire and the park borrows heavily from Epic’s popular Fortnite game. The park itself is called Battle Royale.

According to the website of the park, it describes as follows:

“This Summer Join us for the ultimate Outdoor Battle Royale. Set across 6 acres of Leicestershire finest Countryside, Laser battle through 3 massive Fortnite themed areas.”

It adds that “Play with your mates in Solo, Duos or Squads while parents can relax in our refreshment zone. Enjoy running around outdoors this summer with your mates playing your favorite game.”

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This park bares little difference to its Fortnite counterpart as seen in the map above. Including the same locations in the game, the llamas, and Fortnite’s Slurp Juice which is trademarked by Epic Games. So it’s only a matter of time until that lawsuit arrives however if you’re interested in going to the park before the eventual shutdown here’s a link to their site below.

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Comment below on what you think the laser tag park and in other news, there is a rumor that the Lego Harry Potter Collection is coming to the Nintendo Switch and the Xbox One.

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