New “How to Hitman” Video Shows Us All The Tools At Agent 47’s Disposal

New “How to Hitman” Video Shows Us All The Tools At Agent 47’s Disposal

For those of you unaware Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and IO Interactive have been releasing “How To HitMan” series and today they released there third installment into the How to Hitman.

In this “How To Hitman” we are shown all the tools at Agent 47’s disposal and why it is important to use certain tools to get the mission done effectively.

As we can see from all the tools it gives players the freedom to plan the ultimate assassination, rather than just going in guns blazing why not use an assortment of tools, weapons, disguises and a variety of stealth techniques to efficiently take down your target.

Players can use remote exploding cellphones, audio distractions, proximity tasers, disposable scramblers or strategic use of mirrors and many more to get the job done.

What is your perfect assassination? Do you go in guns blazing or stealth? let us know in the comments below. if you enjoyed this article why not share it on social media.

In other news, Minecraft 2 is not happening.

Minecraft 2 is not happening


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