New Hardware Patch for Nintendo Switch to Defend against Hackers

New Hardware Patch for Nintendo Switch to Defend against Hackers



As of July 11th, Nintendo Switch has authorized all-new Switch with a brand new Nvidia Tegra Chip security patch to protect against hacker exploits.

After being noticed back in April that hackers could break into the console’s operating system and illegally run pirated apps and games, Nintendo was left with no choice but to bring out a new console altogether. This was due to Nintendo being unable to fix the problem with a simple firmware update, as the exploit was found directly within the Switch’s Nvidia Tegra X1 processor.

In the early days of the exploit, Nintendo wasted no time in cracking down on the case, effectively banning all Switch consoles that had pirated games or had their game cards being taken out. This eventually scared many players to stay away from pre-owned Switch consoles, as Nintendo has already implemented strong anti-piracy methods with their application authorization.

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The new 5.X version of the interface for the Nvidia Tegra is not the only technological update to help against what is known as the “Fusee Gelee” exploit. For the older models that are currently on shelves and in player’s homes, its suspected that Nintendo has used the Ipatch system on the Nvidia Tegra chip. This establishes a new code into the Boot ROM which protects against overridden instructions and essentially cuts off the USB data which the hackers gain access to.

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Even if this is implemented the older models are still vulnerable to other exploits such as SciresM’s ‘Déjà vu’, who is a hacker who initially warned the internet about Nintendo’s newest updates. While the newer consoles will gain this new-found protection, the older versions which millions of players all over the world still own, remain in open danger.

For those who may enjoy pirating their games for free, ScriesM was right in his warning. Nintendo has proven to be a tough defender against those who plan abuse their hardware. Let us hope that patch 5.x will remain unbreakable for quite some time.

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