New Fortnite BackPack Items Found In Game Files

So the Jetpack has been added to Fortnite, but it seems like it might not be the only backpack item coming to the game as the following items are present in the same area as the Jetpack, labeled as ‘BoostJumpPack’:

Now we are not entirely sure what to expect yet until Epic Games confirm this and give us more details, but this is what we know so far ‘IntelPack’ and ‘MedicPack’ folders contain models and descriptions for upcoming backpacks as outlined below.

All of these designs and functions are subject to change before they are released.

Intel Pack

Intel Backpack is a weird one as it appears to be a Stronger Eye Of the Storm tracker and according to @FNBRLeaks, it allows you to “Find the Eye of the Storm, and then reveal nearby loot and enemies”.

Medic Pack

The Medic Pack, simply put it is an easier way to heal your allies, so maybe we could see the revive time lowered or completely have no revive time if you are wearing this backpack. The following description was provided by @FNBRLeaks: “Carry your allies to victory with this advanced life-saving equipment!”.

None of this has actually been confirmed yet, so do take this with a pinch of salt as it is only datamined files.

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