New Final Fantasy VII Remake Rumors Emerged


The Final Fantasy VII Remake was recent re-revealed during Sony’s second State Of Play live event. This gave fans new hope for the upcoming remake and recently, even more, rumours, and details for the game has appeared online.

On a recent NeoGaf thread, a user named D.Final, claims to have unannounced information of the game. First off, the game is supposedly in 2 parts, which does make a match with Square Enix’s multi-series plan for the game. The user claims that part 1 will end just after Aerith’s death band fade into black.

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Materia is talked about, claiming that it will be visibly shown on most weapons. However, they will not appear on accessories, nor will the accessories be shown on the characters. Different weapons will be visible on character models such as the Rune Blade on Cloud’s back. The open-world aspect of the game will be almost “seamless”. There are zones and forms of transportations including Chocobos, airships and the Tiny Bronco.

The main antagonist, Sephiroth, is rarely shown in the game until the Kalm flashback, which is a pivotal moment in the game. Before the flashback, you will only see glimpses or hear him briefly in Cloud’s breakdowns.

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This particular information is interesting, D.Final claims the game will release a playable demo shortly after E3, which means the game would be close to release. Lastly, both parts will cost $59.99 with their own initial releases.

There’s plenty of more information that was shown on the NeoGaf post for you to see for yourself.

So what do you think of these rumours? Are you excited for this upcoming Final Fantasy game? Let us know in the comments down below

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