New Battlefield V video reveals new Firestorm battle royale mode

EA and DICE have released a new video titled “This is Battlefield V” which is exactly as it describes. The video shows everything the title has to offer up at this point. Multiplayer Games modes shown here include eight themed matches such as Airborne, Conquest, Frontlines, Domination, and others as well.

A new DLC feature called Tides of War which gets rid of the Premium Pass feature to make the experience more easy going. The first chapter is set to launch after the game’s release known as “The Fall of Europe”. Tides if War is designed to dive into the history of World War 2 the only way Battlefield V can.

Single player is interesting as it’s returning mode “War Stories” allows players choose from a set of five different soldiers and their own experiences through the war. They include campaigns like “Under No Flag”, which involves a young British soldier sent to battle in Africa. Other modes include a Prologue story, and two based around characters named Nordlys and Tirailleur. Untold stories of characters set in a epic and complex setting such as World War 2. Also a post launch bonus is a campaign named the Last Tiger as well.

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The playing experience is getting needed improvements in areas like Squad Play, Soldier movements, new weapons, and new quicker methods to pace the combat as well as keep defenses steady with reinforcements and swift movements across battles.

Last but not least is Battlefield V’s anticipated battle royale mode called Firestorm. With 16 teams of four fighting to the death which the team behind the game claim this is biggest, baddest, battle royale of them all. Hopefully it lives up to hype.

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Comment below if you’re preordering Battlefield V, set for release November 20th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Below is the new video on Battlefield V. If you liked this article why not share it on social media. In other news Insomniac Games revealed a new DLC trailer for Spiderman showcasing the Black Cat.

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