Rumour: New Character Leaked For Apex Legends

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New Character coming to Apex Legends

It’s always an exciting time when we at DGR get wind of a possible new addition to our favourite games. According to our sources, we believe a new character could be coming to the phenomenally action-packed, battle royale, Apex Legends.

A new Legend named “Forge” may be taking his place amongst the ranks for a new and unprecedented dimension into the mayhem. The large character will likely be a Tank in terms of tactical value adding a possible melee dimension to the battleground. The yet-to-be-revealed character seems to have a background and foundation in wrestling, and his bionic arm appears to be capable of “Legendary” doom.

“Forge” (Picture: @That1MiningGuy)

The battle royale playground is as dangerous as it’s ever been, It’s the year 2020 and the stakes have never been higher in the genre. and Apex Legends is a primary contender in these fiercely competitive “free-to-play” games. Apex Legends has always had such a dynamic methodology in its original PVP playstyle with its “Legends” bringing different styles of play to the fight.

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This kind of news would hopefully bring dimensions to Apex the likes of which, is unlike any average thing we’ve ever seen. Excellence comes in different levels, with new characters being added like this potential wild brawler, it’s easy to see this year will be one filled with skull-crushing success and bone-smashing climatic terror!

While we don’t officially have a trailer or any announcements from Respawn yet, it’s safe to assume the next Legend to step into the ring will be ready for some clean takedowns and knockouts yielding more DPS than 3-day old spaghetti. We’re ready for season 4 of Apex, no matter what kind of mayhem it has to bring.

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What are you guys feeling? Are you ready to play as a new character? Or are you just looking forward to season 4? Let us know what you think in the comments below, & isn’t YouTube the greatest? Don’t forget to check out the Daily Gaming Report YouTube channel!

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