New Animal Crossing inspired Switch announced for 13th March

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Coming.

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons just around the corner, it makes sense to announce a new special edition console but I wasn’t expecting it to be so pretty. It features a cream dock with Timmy, Tommy and Tom Nook blazoned proudly across the bottom left hand corner.

The console is full of tiny details such as the pastel green and blue joycons and the embroidered back featuring small caricatures of townsfolk.

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Announced by the official Nintendo twitter at a price point of $299, this is worth keeping an eye on. What is worth noting is the release date of 13th of march. The console releasing one week before the release of the game itself suggests the console does not come with animal crossing. This seems to be aimed at animal crossing super fans who might pay the extra for the game but with a console this pretty, I might too.

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