New Action-Packed Devil May Cry 5 Gameplay Revelaed at Gamescon 2018

With the hype surrounding the latest installment to the hack and slash series, brand new footage of Devil May Cry 5 has just been revealed at this year’s Gamescon.


Last week, it was confirmed by Capcom that new footage was promised to be shown at Gamescon. That promise was delivered as an entire demo was shown available to play, including a boss battle right at the end of it.


It didn’t take long for the first footage to appear online. First revealed by Gaming Boulevard, the gameplay can now be viewed in higher quality online, thanks to IGN and Arrekz Gaming. Shown below is the full 15-minute gameplay footage:


The gameplay shows our character, Nero, showing off his slick moves and high-octane fighting skills. Armed with the engine-sword, Red Queen, and his trusty revolver, there are many amazing combos shown off in this exciting exclusive. Not to mention his new mechanical arm that can grab enemies and pull them in for devastating finishers. The boss at the end shows just how big the baddies will get in this game. If the series is anything to go by, it would be unsurprising to expect bigger.


Stylish and fluid action is the famous trademark of the series. Combine this with updated graphics from the RE engine and improved controls, we are looking at one of the best action games coming 2019.


As well as Nero, Dante will also be a playable character. There will also be third one to play as, but this has not been revealed yet. All we know of the story is Nero, now Demon Hunter, heads to Red Grave City to face-down a hellish assault of horrifying demons with his new partner, Nico.


With the official release still yet to be revealed, Spring 2019 is all we have to go on. But with the release of this adrenaline fueled gameplay, we are now more excited than ever.


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