NetherRealm Studios Developing Non-Mortal Kombat or Injustice Game

Terminator fighting Robocop in MK 11
NetherRealm Studios has "other stuff in the oven" (Credit: NetherRealm Studios)

NetherRealm Studios’ Ed Boon hints at something beyond Mortal Kombat

During Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest, the host of the event recently had Ed Boon, co-creator of Injustice and Mortal Kombat, as a guest. During their interview (which you can watch below), Keighley asks the creative director about how long he has been working on MK and how it seems not to get boring. Boon’s response hints that NetherRealm Studios might be developing a game that is outside of its two big fighting franchises.

“Even though we’ve been able to scratch other itches, you know doing Injustice games and stuff, and we have other stuff in the oven, but it’s always nice to do Mortal Kombat games especially when the players have been embracing them like they have,” Boon told Keighley. “If you would have told me that this would be so far our fastest selling Mortal Kombat game of all of them, 20 something years later, I wouldn’t have believed it.”

The two talked mostly about NetherRealm’s history and the new content coming to Mortal Kombat 11. The studio just released Aftermath, an expansion that adds five new chapters to the campaign, new characters, and three new skins. The fighters consist of Sheeva, Fujin, and RoboCop.

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Summer Game Fest will run until the end of August with Gamescom. Keighley will be the host of plenty of showcases, interviews, and reveals. He initially left E3 before the cancellation of the event, and this is what he was cooking up to deliver E3-styled conferences from home.

What would you like to see NetherRealm Studios develop outside of its flagship franchises? Would you like to see something outside of the fighting game genre? Let us know all of your thoughts on this story in the comments below.

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