Need For Speed Heat Won’t Be Coming To The Nintendo Switch Anytime Soon

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Need For Speed Heat got its first official gameplay reveal the other day during Gamescom, now whenever there is a new game announced, the first question everyone asks is will it come to the Nintendo Switch. Now to answer your question Need For Speed Heat won’t be coming to the Nintendo Switch anytime soon. Not only that but there are no plans to release it on Googles own streaming platform Google Stadia either.

We managed to ask Kevin Johnson, Community Engagement Specialist for EA over on Discord:

If we can expect Need For Speed Heat to release on either Google Stadia or Nintendo Switch sometime in the future?

In which Kevin Johnson, replied:

Thanks for the question, we currently have no plans to release NFS Heat on any other platforms other than what we’ve already announced

So for all of you who where hoping Need For Speed Heat would come to the Nintendo Switch you are out of luck. Did you know Need For Speed Heat will not have loot boxes, you can check that article out here. 

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