Mountain Dew and Rocket League start a tournament

Rocket League

Mountain Dew and Rocket League start a tournament

What happens when you mix Mountain Dew with Rocket League? Well, most times it will ruin your game but on this occasion, they’re starting an amateur tournament taking place at this year’s Insomnia Gaming Tournament.

Known as the Gamer Fuel League this will give players the chance to rank up and be able to compete professionally. The matches will take place online first this month in the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Parties of three from each country will compete in rounds to win a qualifying place, with every winner from each country flying over to Birmingham for the final bout at the Insomnia Gaming Festival.

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    What the winning team will receive is a training session with Team Dignitas in their little nest at the Philadelphia 76ers basketball training facility. Team Dignitas recently won the Rocket League Championship Series Season 5, so I think they would be a good reference on this occasion. Also, the players who make it to Insomnia will be competing on “Big Betty”, the first-ever esports truck.

    The Insomnia Gaming Festival takes place in Birmingham in the U.K. from August 24 to the 27th. Comment below what you think of this tournament if it’s a good chance for novice players to make it big. In the meantime, Rocket League is available for every home console and Mountain Dew is available at most grocery and convenience stores, restaurants never have any though.

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