Morocco Is Getting The Siege Treatment, Bring Your Sun Screen

Rainbow Six Siege is turning 3 years old next month, that doesn’t stop Ubisoft from giving us even more maps and operators. It is very common among triple-A titles these days that developers adapt their games after launch in order to help playability, introduce new content, or fix bugs (which brings forth the horror of day one updates)

Rainbow Six Siege falls into category two as it released, in the first year alone, 8 new operators (4 attackers and 4 defenders) and 4 new maps. and 35 months after release we are getting a new map and two new operators if we look at this tweet from @Rainbow6game

Ubisoft is commonly praised due to the free release of all their content in the age of pay to win, emotes, skins, and pre order bonus’. It is important to remember that while all players will have access to Operation Wind Bastion as soon as it released, the operators must be unlocked with in game currency, “Renown”.

The amount of “Renown” needed to buy one of the DLC Operators is equivalent to around 8 hours of game play according to some sources (this is without boosters). Of course, you can just pay for R6 credits and get them straight away. If you remember the mantra “Time is Money” then you need to think how that translates for you, is 8 hours more or less then £3.99, and is it truly free?

If you have any thoughts and opinions on anything mentioned in the article, please comment below and let me know.

In other news, it appears there is a new aerial vehicle coming to Fortnite check out the news in the link below.

New Aerial Vehicle Coming to Fortnite?


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