Mordau – Patch #7 introduces a new map, new weapons, more customization and more!


What better way to celebrate 1 million copies sold?

Recently Triternion, the developers of the medieval smash hit ‘Mordau’ reported 1 million copies sold. With the announcement comes ‘Patch #7’, this latest update includes a new map, new weapons and more!

The new map is called ‘Crossroads’. According to the update, Crossroads is a “large scale battle map featuring horses, mortars, and a dangerous single objective to hold in the center”… New weapons include javelins and heavy hand axes. Interestingly the new axes can also be used to repair structures by using the blunt side of the weapon… Smart right?

The update also includes new armor paints, balance changes, and quite a lot of other new tweaks to gameplay, combat, and equipment. The full list of changes can be found here.

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