Monster Hunter Online has a difficult PC release

Errors galore

After much hype behind it Monster Hunter World has been released on PC. With stunning visuals fans were eager to pick this one up, until they started playing it

On social media and in the game’s Steam reviews, Monster Hunter World PC players noted that the game wasn’t working for them. The problem was first reported by players in China where it originally launched stating that the game refused to boot up on their computers. After some research players found that the issue was likely the result of the game’s FMA3 requirement.

Monster Hunter World PC uses Denuvo, the technology designed to prevent a game from being pirated. However, in order for Denuvo to run, it requires FMA3 instructions. Unfortunately, FMA3 is only available beginning with AMD’s Piledriver architecture (2012) and Intel’s Haswell and Broadwell processors (2014). It means that anyone who has a PC powerful enough to play the game which the needed specs required still can’t play it if their computer is a few years old.

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The FMA3 issue was raised by several negative reviews on the game’s Steam page with many noting that Denuvo would only be cracked in a week. That’s what happened with other games with Denuvo, so some argued it was pointless for Capcom to use the technology in the first place.

Positively, Capcom acted relatively quickly to fix the problem. The company sent out a new patch that appeared to fix the problem, and since then, previously affected players on social media say that they’ve been able to play the game just fine.

Yet while the Denuvo problems have been fixed, there are some other problems with Monster Hunter World on PC that have also been noted in the Steam reviews. For example, the game only has partial support for gamepads, despite it first being released on consoles. A few players have also claimed that the frame rate drops, loss of sound during some scenes, and lack of support for ultrawide PC monitors. With 318 negative reviews compared to 753 positive ones, the game’s review rating on Steam is currently “Mixed”.

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It seems that plenty of players are able to enjoy the game on PC though. However it makes sense that players don’t want to settle with a less-than-smooth experience, so they have understandably called on Capcom to continue to fix the game.Luckily Capcom is on the same field as us with expectations so hats off to them.

Comment below on what you think of the recent issues with the game. I hope you enjoyed the article, in other news Square Enix reported losses in income due to lack of games and poor reception from their mobile releases.

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